Lecture Notes are similar to reading a textbook and used as text based instructions on online learning platforms. It requires more cognitive functions so it helps in improved memorization. This platform provides lecture notes of Engineering subjects framed and organized on the basis of simple language that is easy to understand and offers flexibility over pace, timing and content for self-study. It also helps students to go through quick revision and builds confident to face examination.

Lecture Videos are one of the most promising teaching material in online learning. Also, it involves students much because it includes more than one senses. Internet is full of many videos of different subjects with variety of experts. This website is being designed by selecting and arranging one of the best chosen content of a subject in a systematic way so that students need not to waste lots of time in searching the same. Also, these lecture videos are available to everyone free of cost. These videos are selected on the basis of good presentation and communication which helps in better and clear understanding.

Question Bank the assessment process in an educational system, whether online or offline is an essential part to ensure the correct way of knowledge transmission in students. In this platform question bank is being prepared in a way that provides variety of questions that can be framed within the subject according to the probability of occurring in the examination. By referring question bank, students can enhance their confidence level through pre and post learning answers.

Internship is a period of instructional experience offered by an organization or a person for a limited period of time. No matter what kind of engineer one plan or becoming, an internship will always be needed before graduation to set the path for global success by applying those skills in the real world problem via job market. E – tech acts as a bridge between the learners and different industry/institute/organization by connecting both as per the needs and requirements through variety of available courses with different time spans and modes of acquisition.

Reference Book are the books to get good and deep explanation for better understanding with good amount of questions to practice. E- tech provides a collection of reference books that are being chosen to put in the list by considering well organized, systematic, ease in language also which covers the syllabus and most importantly, having good illustrations and practice exercises helping learners in deep understanding as well as solving problems.